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Sun 6pm The Phil Lynott Stage @The Bloody Stream


Described as a melting pot of influence ranging from Blues to Ska, Reggae, Swing and on toward Punk, Gypsy Folk and Irish folk (or 'skappalacian' music as we like to call it). The group was conceived through a shared love of these types of music; however our original music is our way of taking these older styles and using them to create something new.

Polyphonic melodies are our cup of tea and every member of the band can take the lead while also playing his or her part in creating the wall of sound. .

Philip (Phily) Kermode provides the main vocals, whilst every other member of the band sings (but mostly roars) backing vocals. Peter Barnett (Double Bass) Daniel McEvoy (Snare & Percussion) & John Hand (Cajon) AKA The Night Train drive the group forward with pounding groove & rhythm. Robin Matthews (Banjo) & Síle Jinx Ryan (Fiddle) add a twist of folk to the group, switching between chords and melody just as seamlessly as they switch from traditional to more modern styles. On the top of it all sits the screaming/rasping trumpet of Kiefer Wilton, providing the main riffage in place of the typical rock-band lead guitar.

Having gigged extensively in the Ireland on the festival circuit of 2015/2016, which consisted of Vantastival, Body & Soul, Knockanstockan, Scrobarnach, Electric Picnic and recently returning from the UK, we pride ourselves in making audiences move their limbs, tighten their facial muscles and get loose!!!

Tipped by Hotpress magazine as "one to watch", GRAND have recently completed their second studio effort entitled "The Thrill of the Chase", due to be released by late autumn.

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