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Fri 8pm at The Abbey Tavern


Formed in the mid-1970’s, Scullion are revered and feted as one of Ireland’s most innovative, original and brilliant live bands. Their latest record 'Time Has Made a Change in Me' (released September 2022) emphasises the band's musical curiosity and like all of their records, it breaks new ground.

James Joyce and Sufjan Stevens are woven into the DNA of this record with the inspirational music of Sonny Condell beating at the heart of it.

Recorded during the pandemic, this record is an uplifting and inspirational collection of songs for the head and heart, written to take to the highway, collapse distance and
bring us back together in the halls, front rooms, back rooms and bar rooms of Ireland.

Robbie Overson, Philip King and Sonny Condell are back on the road, meeting old friends and new, bringing new music and their favourites from their back catalogue to venues all over the country.

Tickets €25 here:

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