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Sharon Shannon

Sat 8pm The Abbey Tavern - Limited Seating

Sharon Shannon

In 2024, Sharon Shannon remains a musical force to be reckoned with, lauded as a 'National Treasure' by Irish President Michael D Higgins. With an illustrious career spanning 40 years, encompassing 20 albums, numerous DVDs, filmed concerts, and diverse musical collaborations, Shannon continues to push the boundaries of traditional Irish music.
Her global presence extends across continents, from America to Europe, Africa to Australia, even reaching Saudi Arabia and China. She has graced renowned venues worldwide, from The Kennedy Centre in Washington to London's Wembley Arena. Notably, her 2019 tour of Japan inspired her acclaimed album, "The Reckoning," showcasing a fusion of cultures and musical influences.
Shannon's artistic evolution is marked by innovative collaborations, blending Irish traditional music with reggae, rap, and classical genres. Her extensive list of collaborators includes luminaries such as Bono, Willie Nelson, and Johnny Depp, among others.
With multi-platinum album sales and chart-topping singles and DVDs in Ireland, Shannon's impact on the music scene is undeniable. Her album "Galway Girl" achieved quadruple platinum status, with its title track earning her consecutive Meteor awards for the most downloaded song. Notably, she holds the distinction of being the youngest recipient of the Meteor Lifetime Achievement Award.
Recognized as an honorary Doctor of Music at the University of Galway, Shannon shares her expertise through masterclasses and tutorials, both online and in-person. Her forthcoming living archive, set for release in 2023, promises to chronicle her remarkable journey. Additionally, her recent musical TV series, "Heartlands," took viewers on a musical voyage along the River Shannon, reflecting her deep connection to her namesake.
Looking ahead to 2024, Shannon anticipates the release of her new album, "Now!," along with captivating live performances that continue to captivate audiences with their freshness and innovation.

Tickets for Sharon are €35 incl Booking Fee here:

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