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The Beermats

Sun 5pm The Garden Stage @The Harbour Bar - Irish Folk and Ballads

The Beermats

The BeerMats are celebrating their 30th year in the Irish music scene this year. Hailing from Ballyfermot, one of the best places to serve your apprenticeship in Irish music with it’s rich musical heritage. Over the years the group have performed throughout Ireland and the UK and in recent years have performed in Germany, Switzerland, Spain the group also performed in the USA at Louisville Irish Festival, as part of The Ryder Cup. The BeerMats also performed at The Celts on the River fest in New Albany USA.

Goeff Kinsella: Banjo & Mandolin
Tono Brennan:Flute & Whistle
Brian Smyth: Guitar
Colm Gibbons: Vocals, Bodhrán & Whistle.

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