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The Cooleys

Fri 10.30pm Wrights-Findlater

The Cooleys

The Cooleys are a boundary-pushing music collective from Ireland, known for their innovative approach to sound and fearless exploration of genres. With a penchant for originality and reinvention of classic Irish folk and ballads, along with their original work the band continues to captivate audiences with their unique musical vision. At the core of this band is Dylan Pearse and Barry Kieran.

Barry, steeped in the ancient history of the fiddlers of Oriel, is known for his work with award-winning contemporary folk act Kern and for his essential part in SJ McArdle’s critically acclaimed song cycle Port.

Dylan Pearse is a singer/songwriter and song collector of note, a road warrior who has cut his teeth in pubs and clubs around Ireland. His recently released debut album ‘Songs from the North Country’ is an absolute ‘gem’, regarded by some to be as important as albums such as ‘Penguin Eggs’ by Nic Jones and ‘Bryter Later’ by Nick Drake. It has received much acclaim from a multitude of well regarded internet and national radio broadcasters.

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