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Whiskey Still

Sat 5pm The Garden Stage @The Harbour Bar

Whiskey Still

Dublin based Whiskey Still are one of the best live ballad groups in Ireland and have been playing gigs for over 10 years now.

The most senior member (& founder of the original group) is Brendan Leeson. Brendan has years of experience in the ballad business playing in numerous traditional Irish bands including “The Dublin City Ramblers”. Brendan has an extraordinary repertoire of ballads at his disposal & leads the band, as they take in the familiar, fun & crowd-pleasing tunes, jigs & reels alongside the more mysterious, contemplative, storytelling ballads.

Paul Holohan is the bass player & singer with “Whiskey Still”. Paul also plays keyboard & is an excellent songwriter. Paul has a huge history in the music industry and at one point his talents brought him to Canada with his own band “Lola and The Gipsies” who extensively toured in nightclubs and theatres in the U.S.A. & Canada. On his return from Canada, in the late 70s, Paul made a foray back into the Irish music scene, which felt like a return to his roots as he grew up playing Irish music on his very first instrument, the piano accordion.

Frank Kearney completes Whiskey Still with his incredible talents. He started playing with the mandolin at the tender age of 15! Frank has played and recorded with many of the leading groups in Ireland and has since recorded an album of Irish traditional music With the expertise of a seasoned musician, Frank showmanship’s is renowned wherever he plays bringing his own style and personality to the show

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